KML (26 Aug 2011)
"Meaasage for All Doves"

Hello John and All Doves

Blessings to you all. I am glad some of you liked the web site of Frank Dimora. Frank keeps his site current.
He posts current events happening around the world concerning the prophecy signs  we are to watch for.
I thought I would also add that " The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth " by Frank Dimora is a wonderful book
and ALL can download it for FREE.

Frank also has a Radio Program on " The Edge Dot Com " and "You Tube Dot Com."
His website is MY daily News.
I have not had TV for over TWO Years. What TV news offers is not complete, but a baby sitter
We are without a dought IN the Heavy Birth Pangs. JESUS IS COMING ! PEOPLE GET READY !

My experience on the 17th of August, 2011

I was looking up at the Moon and the sky was cloudy. The moon was just coming into view through the clouds.
As it came into view the clouds formed a CLOCK exactly over the Face of the Moon. Making the Moon look like a Clock.
It read 7:20 clear as could be ! [ a clock with hands, not digital]
The question would be: AM or PM and what Day ? I think we can expect to see the Lord around this time.
Many spiritual songs reflect a morning departure.
1. In that Great getting up morning, fare the well.
2. Some Glad morning, I'll Fly away.
3. Early in the morning my song shall Rise to the
4. When we All get to Heaven what a DAY of rejoicing that will be.   
He is OUR Bright and MORNING STAR !

Come Lord Jesus