Kit (5 Aug 2011)
"Re: Christina"

Dear Christina,
When I read your post, I had to respond. I have heard many well-meaning Messianic Believers get the timing of the Rapture all mixed up. The way I deal with it in general is through prayer and I no longer get into discussions with them about it becuase I have learned from experience that it usually does nothing but create disharmony and frustration.
I have a book that was recently published by the World Bible Society and in there I have a strong chapter about the Rapture which should help ease your mind that the Rapture is indeed Pretrib. I can mail it out to your on Friday (a gift) and depending where you live you should get it in about a week.
So please email me your shipping address and I will get a copy of the book out to you ASAP. It is entitled: A Better World Is Coming Soon - Don't Miss It. On Amazon they have a "Look Inside" feature which details some of the book.
Have a blessed day, and don't worry dear Christina, our Jesus is not going to leave us here during the Tribulation.
Please consider me a sister in the Lord, and never hesitate to write.

Many hugs to you, too!
Kit Olsen
Friends of Yeshua Ministries