Kevin Heckle (4 Aug 2011)
"Mercer-RE: Dow -265.87 and Birth Pangs leading to Easter 2012"



Your post yesterday regarding the DOW dropping 265.87 points was of particular interest to me as I had posted on that  same day a calculation using the human gestation period. 

265.87 days is 9 months at 29.54 days (Lunar Month).  The DOW falling is one of those minor contractions or birth pangs the Lord was talking about!


A day is as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.  9 month human gestation period x 1000 = 265,775.3 days or a ‘time’.  A time, times and a half time then (3.5) would be 265,775.3 x 3.5 = 930,213.5 days.


930213.5 days is also (1290+1335) x 354.367 days (lunar year) OR 1260 x (354.367+383.897) which is the lunar year plus the lunar leap year.  How does that happen by chance?


Adding 930,213 days from the time of Daniel’s Vision (Nisan 24, 3225) on Julian Day 1525759 comes to February 14, 2012.  In my post ‘Daniel’s Times and Easter 2012’


I explain that a later date is calculated by the Venusian/Solar cycle yielding a date 6/1/2012.  I’ve always understood that the vision describing 3 persons, one on the far shore, one on the close shore another one clothed with linen and adorned with gold in the middle upon the river (of time) was intended to express the median or average being superior.  The average date between February 14, 2012 and June 1, 2012 is April 8, 2012----Easter!  What better day then that for the dead in Christ to rise?!!!!


When I first discovered that date, I didn’t realize it was Easter, but understood it to be the 1st day after Passover, which begins the 7 week countdown to Pentecost. 


Amazingly, on that Easter the FULL Passover moon will be at Virgo’s feet EXACTLY and the constellation will be clothed by the sun as described in Revelation ch. 12. 


Anyway, I just wanted to say your post caught my attention in a few ways.  Even the 2.19% fall reminded me of something else in my post, as the difference between the morning star rising period (Venus) rounded which is 584 days and the solar year rounded 365 days is 219 days.  The morning star rises 219 solar days distance from each previous rising, 584 days apart.    



Kevin Heckle

P.S.  Don’t know the particular significance, but 1335 x 8.8888 = 11,866.62 (the DOW Ind. Ave. that day), other than the Lord’s name adds to 888.