Kevin Heckle (31 Aug 2011)
"Day - Re: Thomas Ice's Apostasia Rapture"

You hit the nail on the head when you characterized Ice's interpretation of 'apostasia' as most probably meaning the rapture event or our 'departure'.  Most probably means there is some reasonable doubt in his mind, as to that being the absolute interpretation.  Quoting the first sentence in his article 'Is the Rapture in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?', he states, 'I believe that there is a strong possibility that 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is speaking of the rapture.'  By his own admission then, he does not say conclusively that the Greek noun used, either interpreted as: departure, apostasy or 'falling away' is referring to the rapture. 
Ice correctly cites Acts 21:21 as the ONE other Biblical passage in which the Greek noun 'apostasia' is used, which is in reference to the Jews FORSAKING the religion of Moses, ie. APOSTASY.  However instead of allowing the Bible to interpret the Bible, in the article, Ice agrees with Gordon Lewis:
"Since the noun is used only one other time in the New Testament of apostasy from Moses (Acts 21:21), we can hardly conclude that its Biblical meaning is necessarily determined".  
I would conclude that the opposite is the case.  If the Lord sought fit to use a particular word only twice in the Bible, he wouldn't intend that word to have two COMPLETELY different meanings.  God is NOT the Author of Confusion.  By changing the 'apostasy' into 'rapture' can only cause CONFUSION.  Apostasy = Apostasy, whether it an event of forsaking Moses' religion or forsaking the New Testament Gospel.  Ice also cites the same Liddell & Scott Greek Lexicon that I did in which the FIRST DEFINITION OF APOSTASIA is a DEFECTION or REVOLT and the second is a 'departure', still a forsaking of a certain position or truth.
Supposing for a moment, the Holy Spirit through Paul's pen intended "departure".  He coupled it with the revealing of the 'man of sin' in the same sentence.  Ice suggests that the word apostasia doesn't infer a departure from the faith, as 'pistis' (faith) does not follow the apostasia.  While 'pistis' may not be present, NIETHER IS 'harpazo', yet he insists this is what the departure is referring to, that is the catching away 'rapture'. 
In the context of the SAME sentence, a general DEFECTION from true Christianity and the Revealing of the AntiChrist go HAND in HAND.  1 Timothy 4 describes the eventual 'departing from the faith' in the latter times.  A world that is predominantly HERETICAL is the world in which thee antichrist can come to power.  He can fool even the elect if it were possible.  The mystery of iniquity had infected the church even back then.  Now it is even greater.  While Obama may or may not be thee antichrist, he is a prime example.  He is for certain an antichrist.  An avowed abortion supporter, mocker of the Bible and supporter of homosexual (special) rights, Obama came to power proclaiming his own Christianity (though false) and with voter support from a majority of so-called 'Christian' churches.  A 'falling away' as the KJV interprets it, is the exact sort of gateway by which antichrists (such as Hitler) pass to power.  
Moreover, by the second definition, 'departure', could also refer to the removal of that which is now standing in the midst, as departing from the stop gap between the antichrist and the power he desires.
2Th 2:7 KJV - For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth [will let], until he be taken out of the way, .
Only he who restrains [will restrain](G2722), until he be taken out of the way ('middle' as per G3319).   Just as the Spartans stood in the midst of the pass at Thermopylae restraining the Persians, so does the Lord restrain. Whether it is by His Spirit or His Archangel Michael or Gabriel, God restrains the antichrist as long as it pleases him to do so.  When the restrainer DEPARTS from the MIDST, then shall the antichrist be revealed.  When God or his angels forsakes that position, the antichrist will go in.
2Th 2:8 KJV - And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
For your consideration.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle