Kevin Heckle (31 Aug 2011)
"Rowina - Vegan Churches"

I would never presume to tell anyone how or what to eat.  If veganism is a personal choice, and it is healthy for you, that is okay.  As for denominations pushing towards veganism, the Seventh Day Adventists certainly suggest to their parishoners to follow that diet.  They also forbid pork and shellfish, adhering to a strict Levitical diet.  However, I believe the push for mandatory veganism as described in 1 Timothy 4 will come from very liberal churches proclaiming the injustice of killing animals, after all we are equals ;-) Veganism is becoming mainstream.  Soon it will be politically incorrect to eat a steak. 
A quick search of Christian Vegans reveals these, and many more web pages dedicated to Christian Veganism.
Kevin H.