Kevin Heckle (25 Aug 2011)
"RE: Ron Reese: A Rebuttal (negative and positive)"

Dear Ron,
Thanks for your interest in my old post.  However, I wanted to clarify some things that may change your conclusions.  These things are true:  Regarding the Obama speech to America in October of 2008, it can certainly be said that the moon was at Virgo's feet at the time he was making his appeal to voters; It is also true that the particular configuration of the moon and the Sun SPECIFICALLY in that position together did not occur in the 40 years that I checked. By 365.2421 day intervals that particular configuration does not specifically occur.  However, the interpretation of Revelation 12:1 is very ambiguous and any application of statistical odds to its words would be an error.  For instance, the virgin clothed with the sun' as I surmised in the original article could be the sun at Virgo's ankle, a garment covering head to ankle.  It is also the direction of the sun's apparent movement as it advances along the ecliptic (being in Virgo in late October).  I took it to mean that and looked for a time when the moon was just below her feet, with the sun advanced the length of Virgo's body.  October 29, 2008 fit that interpretation.  An alternative meaning of the virgin clothed with the sun' could be in reference to the time during each year when Virgo is not visible due to the sun's obscuring that constellation during the day (as cloaked by the sun's brightness).  Interestingly, there is an average 1256.79 days (approx. 1260) between the two possible interpretations of the sun clothing Virgo between October 2008 to April 2012, the sun at opposite ends of the Mazzaroth. 
The moon will appear in the same position in the sky every 27.321 days, so it could be at Virgo's feet every 27.321 days, the orbital period of the moon.  The orbital period is not to be confused with the conjunction period of the moon (the month) which averages 29.5305888 days.  Any rounded yearly period of days which is nearly divisible by 27.321 days will return the moon and the sun to nearly the same places in the sky.  If you adjust the 19 year Metonic cycle to account for precession, the same alignment will recur.  The close alignment of the Moon at Virgo's feet and the sun also near her feet can happen within 3 days at the moon's respective 67, 40, 67, 40 and 40 orbital periods of 27.321 days as well as any simultaneous combination of those values.  While the specific position I cited in the earlier article did not recur in the 40 year period I checked, adjusting plus or minus 1 to 3 days to the tropical period, the ambiguous Revelation 12:1 will occur much more often than the odds you calculated.  
7 Year Tribulation
I have written several articles in which I make the case that the supposed 7 year Tribulation period is NOT what is intended by Daniel 9:27.  In fact, I believe that the person who confirms the covenant for one week, causing the sacrifice and the oblation to cease in the midst of the week is the Messiah Jesus, by his permanent work on the Cross.  The vile person' (antichrist) and the prince of the covenant' are two different people according to Daniel 11:21-22.  In fact, 11:23 and 11:30 says that the vile person' will be in league with those who FORSAKE the Holy Covenant. This was the position of most theologians before the 19th century, before John Darby interpreted and popularized the 9:27 passage as referring to the antichrist.  Obama's promises of peace and prosperity in campaign speeches of 2008 certainly cannot be construed as confirming a covenant for 3.5 years or 7.  On 10/29/2008 he made promises, very few have been kept if any.  However, he is certainly in league with those AGAINST the Holy Covenant. He fits every Biblical description.
Antichrist Scheming
The October '08 date on the other hand, if BHO is truly the antichrist, it could be by his own design that he chose that moment in time with the understanding of the popular Christian notion of a 7 year Tribulation.  Satan knows and will twist Scripture to his advantage.  Daniel 11:30 says the vile person' shall have intelligence with those who have forsaken the Holy Covenant (falling away).  He would know, by his close associations with some so-called Christians, of the popular notions of the 7 year Tribulation.  The Book of Revelation only gives the antichrist power for 42 months, which if taken as absolute and literal is only 1240.29 days.  If he chose that October date based on Revelation 12, and many become convinced that 10/08 was the beginning of the popularized 7 year event, what happens when the 1260 days comes and goes?  How many will fall away, hope lost for Christ's coming or convinced they will have to endure the Great Tribulation? There are many who get carried away by every wind of doctrine.  The recent Elenin/Niburu obsession by Christian folk is a prime example.  Dates set and past also enhance the Lost's perception of Christianity's cooky' end-time notions, citing predictions like Harold Camping's, sinking them deeper into Satan's snares.  While you and I are fully persuaded Christ is coming again, many are on the fence but not oblivious.  There have also been reports of impressionable kids attempting to commit suicide, blaming events like the Youtube predicted coming destruction of Elenin/Niburu or a 2012 cataclysm. 
Daniel's Time, Times and a Half Time
If you have been reading my recent posts on the numbers and vision of Daniel, you may have recognized my assertion that they reckon to Easter 2012 as an important Biblical date, which is only 3 days prior to your 4/11/2012 notion.  I will not speculate what the Easter 2012 date will bring, if anything, but I know it is an honest date if my assertions about Daniel's vision and numbers are correct. If I was biased towards any date in 2012, it was 6/6/2012, the date of a rare transit /conjunction of Venus, the morning star.  However, the vision and numbers of Daniel reckoned to the 1st day after Passover in 2012, which also begins the count to Pentecost.  At first, I recognized the calculated 4/8/2012 date as the first day of the Omer instead of Easter.  According to the Jewish tradition, this was also the Hebrew date when Sodom was destroyed. EXACTLY 1290+1335 lunar (standard Hebrew) years from Daniel's vision is 2/14/2012.  A date reckoned by Daniel's numbers as applied to the sun and Venus (the bright and morning star) is 6/1/2012.  The vision of Daniel portrays two unnamed characters on two opposing shores and another excellent character upon the waters of the river between the two shores.  The median date in the center of the river (time) between those two sandy shores is 4/8/2012, Easter Sunday.  On that date, the Passover full moon is just below the feet of Virgo and she is cloaked (clothed) by the sun as observed from Jerusalem!  The importance of Daniel 12 and Revelation 12 in full agreement has to be significant!
I would caution though for each and every individual to be prepared to meet the Lord at ANY MOMENT.  My conjecture is not important.  Whatever is intended by God pressing me towards this study and my (hopefully) correct and honest solution, the more important issue is that everyone understands that no matter how long the Lord tarries, HE IS COMING!
"[11] For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. [12] For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. [13] For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." - Rom 10:11-13 KJV