Kevin Heckle (19 Aug 2011)
"Chelsea Brown - RE: Job's Earthquakes"

Thanks for the interest in my posts.  The original article I posted back in January about Job 38 and the correlation with Venusian alignments and earthquakes can be found here:

Job called the 12 constellations the Mazzaroth.  There are one or two people posting on FD that believe the entire universe including the constellations, our sun and solar system revolves around the earth once every 24 hours.  I wanted you to understand that, in the most general sense, the twelve constellations do not move except about our Milky Way and also whatever movement that is caused by the universe's expansion.  A few here would also assert that the sun moves through the year completing one full circuit of the zodiac or Mazzaroth in one year.  >From an earthly perspective, the sun appears to do just that.  It appears to move about a finger's width (at arms length) each day completing one full circuit in 365.2421896 days. However, the reality is that the earth revolves around the sun, taking that same amount of time for the sun to appear to return to the same place in the sky.  If you measure the time it takes for the earth to complete one full revolution around the sun as compared to a background star, the year is slightly longer (by about 20 minutes) at 365.256363004 days.  The earth is also tilted on its axis, at about 23.4 degrees.  This angle is the cause of our seasons.  Throughout the orbit of earth about the sun, the earth more or less maintains this 23.4 angle.  It is an ingenious design by God as it causes the northern hemisphere to point towards the sun part of the year and the southern half to point towards the sun part of the year.  When it is winter in Alaska, it is summer in Australia and vice versa.  Another aspect of the 23.4 angle of our axial tilt is something called "precession of the equinoxes".  Just like a top that spins having a slight wobble, so does the earth have a slight wobble about its axis.  Consequently, it causes the axis to only 'point' in a particular direction for a limited amount of time.  Currently, the axis points towards the pole star (Polaris) which we know as the North Star here in the northern hemisphere.  Thousands of years ago it pointed towards Draco, the dragon star.  This slight wobble or angular change that points to different pole stars affects the angle of the imaginary crossings known as the equinoxes.  The point in the sky where the ecliptic path of our sun appears to cross the celestial equator is know as the equinox.  There are two, one marking the beginning of Spring and the other marking the beginning of Autumn.  Those two days during the year have an equal amount of sunlight and dark.  The same angle of wobble which affects the direction our axis points, also affects this crossing point of the ecliptic (sun's apparent path) and the celestial equator.   This crossing was recognized by the Babylonians to appear to move or precess in the opposite direction of the sun's apparent direction.  The rate at which this 'precession' of the equinoxes occurs is about 50.2919 arcseconds per year which equates to 1 degree of precession every 71.6 years.  It takes 25,769.55 years (estimated) for the 'precession of the equinoxes' to make one complete circuit through the Mazzaroth.  All the hoopla about 2012 revolves around the Mayan calendar, which apparently reckons this precession as coming to the galactic center line of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012 on the winter solstice (halfway between the fall and spring equinoxes).  

There are many good astronomy books out there.  Keep it simple though.  There is nothing wrong with the Idiots Guide or Astronomy for Dummies.  There is some pretty good stuff in there ;-).  I would recommend purchasing an inexpensive astronomy program and just play with it.  Even the cheapest ones are very accurate depictions of planetary movements.  I use Redshift 7.  There are some online.  I couldn't recommend one over the other.

Always approach scientific books from a Christian Berean perspective.  Be open-minded but discerning.  Understand the difference between a theory about something and that which is Law.  If it is a law, God designed it and the Bible will not contradict it.  If it is still a theory, well maybe God designed it but until it is proven true, it is still just a theory.  The profane man claims that God isn't necessary.  However, "The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky shows His handiwork" (Psalm 19)!!!

In Christ,
Kevin Heckle