Kevin Heckle (17 Aug 2011)
"Earthquake Prediction by Job:  Came True!"



I made this prediction February 26th, 2011 in the article found here:


“For instance, I have made the correlation, listing numerous events of 7.0 earthquakes or worse occurring within plus or minus 30 days of the conjunction of earth-Venus-sun, including HAITI within ONE day.  Yet few would believe it.  I'll predict that within plus or minus 30 days of 8/14/2011 that there will be a 7.0 or worse earthquake along either a South American fault-line or an Indonesian fault-line.  Maybe even within 5 days of 8/14.  I'll base that on something I discovered in the Book of Job plus real historical and orbital data, not 25 million web pages of Niburu theories.”


It seems it came true, mostly.  8/14 – 8/16, the two most powerful quakes on earth were Ecuador (South America) at a 5.7 and Ceram Sea, Indonesia at a 5.8.  Initially, the quake at Indonesia today was rated at 6.8 on the Richter Scale, but was later downgraded to a 5.8.


The prediction based on the book of Job came true mostly, although it wasn’t as intense as 7.0.


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle