Kelly Herman (19 Aug 2011)
"Kathy-Drought-Allergy in Texas"

Hello fellow Dove, Kathy :)  I am in Dallas and this is something The Lord started with me a couple of weeks ago and has made tremendous headway with my bronchitis and allergies. It will take about a week to see major differences. He instructed me as this:

Get away from sugar except for fruit
Limit meat to very rare occaisions
Cut out Dairy ...even yogurt.

Focus on Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. Cut out all processed foods and drink lots of water with and without real lime and lemon. ***Go back to the garden and eat only whole foods :)

This has helped me so much, and has made a difference in how I feel! Be prepared when you eat like this, your lungs will purge themselves of old mucus and you will cough up alot! It is gross but necessary to get all of those allergens out of the body. Give it some time and let us know how you do with this  :)

Looking up and loving the learning process! Kelly in Dallas