Keith Davidson (4 Aug 2011)

I have always enjoyed reading your posts, particularly the one... Interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal
Many years ago I read this book, and felt that it would culminate towards the final countdown to this age. Clearly, America is in a financial mess, especially once congress declared their allegiance to this multi trillion money debacle on Tuesday this week.
"The Day the Dollar Dies "

5.0 out of 5 stars This 1970's book is today's headlines.
This book was written by a very knowledgeable individual from a well researched background. Willard Cantelon did his homework on this book and is one of the best on why the economy is in the shambles it is in today.

Written from a historical perspective in light of Bible prophecy, Willard gives us a look into the future of what is coming our way because of..

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The money markets will collapse or the dollar will implode, but we trust in a LIVING GOD, WHO SHALL ALWAYS MEET OUR NEEDS ;