Kathy S (8 Aug 2011)

YES!!!  yes!!
I can relate to some of what you are going thru.  I feel such an urgency and watch for my dear Precious Saviour to appear with thousands of angels in the eastern sky. OH..WHAT A SPECTALUR VIEW THE SKY WILL BE!!!  Can you just imagine it??  There willl be NO words to describe what the sky will look like!!   I pray & pray asking our Heavenly Father to give the command for the trumpet to sound.  I pray everyday for God to PURIFY MY HEART with Jesus' Precious Blood He shed on Calvary for my Sins.  I have listed these prayers before on here:
Dear Jesus, please forgive me of all UNREPENTED sin from my 2nd birth to this very second.
Dear Jesus, please forgive me of all UNFORGIVENESS from my 2nd birth to this very second.
Dear Jesus, please forgive me of all DISOBEDIENCE from my 2nd birth to this very second.
these prayers can be personalized anyway.  Our 2nd birth was when we excepted Jesus as our Saviour.
We can also pray this:
Dear Jesus please wash away ALL my Heavenly Records of sins from my 2nd birth to this very second.
And,  I SOOOO AM EAGER TO GET MY GLORIFIED BODY!!  I live with chronic pain from many problems in this old/young body of mine.  I'm trying to handin' til' Jesus comes.  With Phil 4:13 "I can do ALL THINGS thru Christ that strengthens."  PRAISE GOD!  and 1 cor 10:13 ...he'll offer a way to escape thru a window lest I fall. AMEN!!
I too have sent out many emails with words saying to get & be prepared.  JESUS IS COMING and/or videos with it.  I haven't recieved a reply for over a year or sooo, since I've been doing it.  Just a couple of weeks ago I get 2 replys saying that it wasn't biblical.  Well.....I'd rather be safe than sorry later.  I'm going to ask forgiveness many times a day.  I'm just as the Bible says....filthy rags!!  No one is worthy to open a seal in revelations NO NOT ONE!!!  ONly our Jesus that was our Sacrificial Lamb is worthy!  Anyways, I replied back WITH scripture.  and I didn't get a return email.  and the 3rd one told me NOT to send a mass email to them anymore.  I wrote back and said that I was the one that wrote it.  It wasn't a mass or email sent to me.  BUt, I told them I would take them off my email list.  I have decided to lay low for a while on sending out email.  I think people are tired of me.  that's so sad.  It gives us a very small way of how God feels when his children don't want to listen unless they have a need.
NO ONE I know mentions about them when I see emails I send out saying JESUS IS COMING.  man, I'M EXCITED.  I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT and shout it from the ROOFTOPS!!.  But, people don't . even my family too.  I feel like I'm all alone as a watcher in my part of the world.  If it wasn't for the connection with other watchers on the internet....I just don't know what....I get sooo encouraged by people like YOU that is feeling and doing the same with NO RESPONSE!  It really breaks my heart too.  Because they are good Christain people.  I don't want them left behind.  I would LOVE to recieve an email like I send out.  BUt, I just guess there are some of us different!!
Nice music video by the way.  Have you heard about the midnight prayers??  Bro Augusto in africa back a couple of months ago was given a word of knowledge from God for Christain to say prayers between 12 to 3 am every night.  Since then I do it.  He gave out a list of prayers.  I ask the Holy Spirt everyday to wake me up if I'm asleep.  YOU KNOW HE HAS EVERY NIGHT!!  It is truly amazing too. 
Lynn....just know that you are not all alone in this world...I'm a WATCHER too!  I truly am hoping the rapture will be THIS COMING WEEKEND when Dr Owour is preaching friday, saturday or sunday.  He was given a vision that he would be preaching a revival service. and when he called for the ushers to sit down...the rapture would occur.  AMAZING!!  Because GOD tells us He doesn't do anything unless He tells us thru His prophets.  I believe Dr Owour is a later day prophet,  and...this weekend was recently added to his schedule for a 3 day revival service.  I'm expecting it and actually started straighten up my house = so when people come looking for me after the rapture....my house will be clean! 
In Christ,