Karla Miller (23 Aug 2011)
"Hello from Iowa - Monday August 22, 2011"

Hello John Tng,

Over a year ago, through a friend, I found your 5 Doves website and have been so grateful and blessed to read the postings from Christian people all over the world.  Because I live in a remote area, I have appreciated being able to read these posts and learn from others.

This morning I was reading Barry Amundsen’s post about a set of CD’s he received recently and highly recommended.  I clicked on the link he gave only to become disappointed to learn the cost of those CD’s.  My husband and I are on limited income.  The cost of those CD’s plus the shipping would take one week’s worth of gas and food money from us.  So frustrating!

This is where I ask the Lord…..is this what is called ‘filthy lucre’?  Because it is Christian ministries that promote or offer items that they say will help people in their walk with our Lord, but sell those offers at a high price that is unattainable to others that are on limited financial income.

Thank you for all that you do to keep 5 Doves website going.  I know it has to be quite a bit of deciphering and such before you put the posts on the website.


Blessings to you,

Karla Miller from Iowa
Thanks, Karla.
Welcome to the Doves!