Kama (27 Aug 2011)
"For Paul Wilson and Deborah on Doves"

 Hi, this is Kama, and I am the one who had the dream that confirmed Dr. Owour's prophecy.  I'm sorry it was posted under "Marcus".......that's my husband's name and the one that comes up on our email account!
Paul, I don't know where this earthquake will strike.  I live outside of Sacramento, CA.  The Lord could have shown me that this will hit very close to where I live (Sacramento is in a valley, but it doesn't have any skyscrapers, just tall city buildings) or He could have shown me this because He wanted me to know that it is coming SOMEWHERE and that I need to pray!
No matter where it hits, it's going to effect us all.
Do not fear !!!  Instead, pray for your family and for angels to cover them and protect them.  God can and will dispatch mighty angels to protect them in DIRECT response to your prayers!
Last week, while I was ironing some clothes, a strong feeling of anxiety and deep sorrow washed over me.  It was all I could do to get to another room, get on my knees and start praying.  The feeling grew into a deep knowledge that a judgement had been passed, that it was irrevocable and that all I could do was pray for mercy and protection for the PEOPLE who would be effected.
Deborah,  I, too have thought that maybe the two prophecies of Dr. Owour were related and that this earthquake might be in the midwest to south, since it is in a "valley".    However, I don't know.  Only the Lord does.  He isn't showing any of us where this will hit exactly.
I strongly urge each and everyone to prepare spiritually and physically for whatever might come.