Julia (31 Aug 2011)

I had been reading the Doves before I went to bed a few nights ago and asked God for any message he saw fit to give me.  Just as I fell asleep, I was standing before a square patch of farm land surrounded by trees.  There were no crops growing, but it was green.  Suddenly, to my near left were 3 short rows of crops, each a different crop, just a few feet long, all the same length. I saw a farmer standing at the end of them. Then I saw a hand reach down and sweep across the top of the first row and it disintegrated and blew away like dust. Then the second row, which for some reason I knew was corn because of the height of the row, and the same thing happened.  The same thing happened for the third row. Then I woke up with a start. I felt they were representative of the food crops that sustain the world, like rice, corn, wheat, etc.  I wonder if this signifies coming famine.