Judith (26 Aug 2011)
"To Daniel Matson re: "The Abraham Chronology""

Daniel -
I enjoyed your study and agree that Abraham was born 2008 yrs. from Adam and not the first born in the
year 1948 - a similiar pattern that existed with Shem, Ham and Japeth. Shem was born 2 yrs. after the flood.
It can become confusing to the casual reader, but, when studied extensively, one finds little nuggets in scripture
that brings much light to our knowledge and understanding.  For instance, at first I thought the Genesis record
of 1948 for Abraham's birth was obvious (even Strong's Concordance lists it that way in the back of the concordance), until reading Acts 7:1-6 where it becomes apparent that Terah had to be 130 yrs. of age for Abram/s (Abraham's )birth.   In more recent times, however, scholars have discovered the discrepancy and have changed to the 2008 date.
Even so, there is still some significance to the 1948 date as you tell in your study.
There is a striking parallel to the 1878/1948 record that occurs in our 70 ad.  From 70 ad + 1878 years =
1948.  Or, from 70 ad + 1948 = 2018 years.  A definite pattern being established - wouldn't you say?
The difference, however, is that initially (at least in my study) I believe the 1948 years was on the 360/day
calendar, but changes to the 365.25/day from our 70 ad calendar.
Although I agree with your final conclusion as to the birth of Abraham I don't see that the Babylon Captivity
started in 606 bc ending in 537 bc.  It is common to see scholars placing the date of 586 bc + 69/70 yrs.
which would = 516/17 bc.
The 2520 yr. cycle is quite interesting.  In fact the first occasion of 2520 years is the Exodus if you follow
a 360/day cycle from Adam to the Exodus in the Genesis chronology - (see God's Calendar Study
http://ofureyslibrary.7p.com/index.html.  In this study I explain how the 2520 year pattern is relevant
to our current calendar.
As to the keeping to a literal 6000 years for mankind from creation, I totally understand the reasoning but
have to disagree for we are now over that 6000 yr. period.  I see that we are over the 6000 yrs. by 291/292
years (on the 360/day calendar - 201 on the 365.25/day calendar). I don't presume to have the absolute
explanation for the extra years, but guessing it might have something to do with the 120 years God said
He had for mankind.  Possibly it's 120 years before the flood + 1 year for the flood and 120 years sometime
after the flood + 1 year for "the acceptable year of the Lord" when Jesus at 30 yrs. begins His ministry +
a final 50 years to be completed after the 75 days of Daniel.
It's an interesting concept to consider Jesus returning at the end of a Jubilee, but appropriate if you think
about it.  Definitely a new beginning for humanity with the coming of the Kingdom Age.
Blessings to all watchers,