Judith (23 Aug 2011)
"study on the #11192 - Lisa's Vision"

Reply to Lisa's #11192 Vision.  Also a study on the 2300 days of Daniel

In 1988 Lisa (from RITA) had a heavenly vision.   While there she was
given a scroll by an angel.  Contained in the scroll was the number 11192 .  
The angel told her it was a date.  Here is the URL for that vision:  


There have been many attempts to understand what significance,
if any, this date may have  for us Rapture Watchers.

I believe I have discovered a remarkable possibility insofar as
to what the numbers are referencing.

I have been involved with a private Calendar Study now since 1993
and will link that study here should you desire to investigate further
as to what significance, if any, my study would have to do with what
I'm suggesting here.

#11192 -


When reading from right to left (as in Hebrew) you have 29111 or.....
291 11.  In my study I have the final end time date on the 360 day
calendar as 6291.8 with .8 being January (11th month) 6291.8 (11).
With this interpretation, the tribulation, therefore, would  begin and
end in January on the 360/day perpetual calendar.

#11192 -


While skipping the number "2" go to the next set of numbers - 9 1 11.
That's the date (9/1/11) I have for the Rapture with September being
the 9th month on the 365.25 day perpetual calendar -  the 9th mo., 1st day  
11th (2011) year.......9-1-11.   If this is correct, and the above interpretation
for the tribulation is correct, then the Rapture and tribulation will begin in
September of 2011.  Keep in mind that on our calendar the Rapture
would end in August because of the calendar difference in the 7 yrs.
Also, the actual 365.25/day calendar in this study for the Rapture
would be 6194.5 which = 6284.8 on the 360/day calendar.  The
actual dates would = Aug.31/Sept. 1, 2011 on the 365.25/day.  The
360/day would = January, 2/3 either 2012 (Our current calendar)
or 2011 on the 360/day which calendar begins/ends in March.  

Significantly, if you follow the perpetual 360/day calendar from Adam to
the Biblically set/established calendar dates, the 1st of September is
the Feast of Trumpets - see Lev. 23:33 (7th mo. 1st day).  It's also the
Resurrection of Jesus on the 360/day calendar study I've been working on.

What I have calculated to date is.......IF the tribulation begins in Sept. on our
365.25/day calendar, it will begin and end in Jan. on the 360/day calendar -
that is according to what I've discovered in my study.  This is without the
additional 75 days of Daniel.  


The 2300 days = 6.4 yrs.  By subtracting 2300 days (6.4 yrs) from
2550 days ( 7.1 yrs.)  (includes the extra 30 days of Daniel 12:11......
1260 + 30 = 1290 + 1260 = 2550)  leaves the balance of 250 days of tribulation.  

Can we know absolutely what will transpire on that day, i.e. 250 days from
when the tribulation begins?  No, not absolutely, but we can
determine with some certainty what could possibly happen on that day.

Start of Tribulation - Feast of Tabernacles -

When reading the account of the 2300 days, the angel is describing the
events surrounding the new temple - specifically the sanctuary.  When
considering the chaos that will exist after the Rapture, it is reasonable
to assume it will take several months to re-establish law and order.

To imagine the new temple being errected within a short period of time
after the Rapture is unrealistic.  So, assuming that there will probably
be some time before the actual building of the temple takes place,
could it be the 250 days from the beginning of the Tribulation will be
the very day the new temple is completed?  If so, there are some remarkable
date comparisons in God's Calendar Study (see link below) that seems to be  
more than coincidental.

Keeping in mind that this study is based on two perpetual calendars,
and by utilizing the "law of first mention", in the word of God we know
that the Feast of Tabernacles occurs in the 7th month (Sept. ) 15th day - (see
Lev. 23:33).     Strangely enough, the Sept. 15 day corresponds to when the
ark and the Shekinah Glory entered Soloman's Temple on the 360/day calendar -
(see 1Ki. 8:2) Page 5 of God's Calendar Study.

If the Tribulation would start on Sept. 15 (on our 365.25/day calendar), then
by counting forward 250  days we would arrive at May 23.    In my study, the
May 23rd date would = Sept. 27 on the 360/day calendar.   Also, May 23
corresponds to the time Israel entered the promise land on the 365.25/day
calendar (yr. 2524.2 from Adam - see pg. 4 of study ) and when they
celebrated their first Passover.  

September 15 (start trib.) would = January 17 which by coincidence (?) is the
same date as when the Babylonian Captivity began on the 365.25/day calendar.
(See page 6 of Calendar Study).  

If all this is correct, then we are very close indeed to the soon coming of Jesus.

You may offer your comments either by e-mailing me or clicking unto the

link below to my Pretribulation Rapture Forum.

I hope this hasn't been too confusing.  Actually, it takes awhile to get used to
and acquainted with the two differing calendars.  

Please note that this is entirely speculation on my part. As regarding the
establishing of a firm Rapture date, no one knows with absolute certainty,
but we can sure provide good guesstimates without any violation
to scripture - don't you think?

By the way, the 6291 date was determined last year - in fact I've been
adding a year to that date since 1993 (grin) - initially it was 6273.  It was
when I settled on the possibility of a September 1, 2011 date for the Rapture,
and later, when viewing Scott's thread on Lisa's vision, that it hit me!  
Suddenly I saw a strange coincidence (or is it?) with those numbers
matching what I had already found in my study.   Like someone has
already stated, eventually one of our guesses might be right - right?

Anyway, I hope this explanation will offer something to the efforts we've
been engaged in - especially to Lisa and Scott  since they've worked so
hard in trying to resolve this mysterious number.  

And, I hope I'm right.  If I am, well......., I'll see ya all real soon up yonder
pardners!!  (BIG SMILE)  If not, well......we know it's going to happen

God bless all watchers!


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