Josua (19 Aug 2011)
"To Kathy about allergies"

Dear Kathy

In response to your post:

I don't live in Texas but I am fighting against allergies and asthma since years, and I have learned some simple but important things.

As a matter of fact allergic reactions of your body are related to how much histamine (which is a natural hormone) your body produces. Everybody produces histamine, that's a normal thing. But if it reaches a critical level (if you produce too much), you experience all kind of allergic problems. So people with a too high level of histamine (due to whatever reason) experience allergies.

Note that pretty much any medicament you take against allergies is some kind of histamine blocker.

There are some simple things you can do yourself against a to high level of histamine:

1) avoid eating too much food with lots of histamine. e.g. red wine, cheese, meat
2) Salt is natural anti-histamine. That means, eating salt is actually good against allergies! However, eating too much salt can lead to other problems (high blood pressure). If you drink enough water (natural water! not coke, tea or coffee!!!) then eating more salt is absolutely no problem. I definitely got a slow but steady progress with my allergy situation after I began eating more salty and at the same time increased (tripled!) my daily water consume (and significantly decreased my coffee consume)! A very simple way to check if you drink enough water is the colour of your urine: it should not be too yellow!
3) Taking a cold shower right in the morning is said to have a positive effect on the level of your histamine. I am not sure if it is true (some people say it can't be proven), but I tried it and in my case it seemed to have a notable effect. In any case, it IS very refreshing! :-)

This are just simple things I learned during the last 2 years. It is well worth trying them.

Besides that, we of course continue to pray and wait for our new bodies! :-)

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua