Josua (10 Aug 2011)
"Additions to the books Esther and Daniel"

Dear Doves

My favorite german translation of the Bible is the Elberfelder because it is the most accurate and has a lot of footnotes for alternative translations. However, I recently bought another Bible and to my surprise it contained some books and additions to some books I have never seen before. After some research in English Online Bibles, I found the same additions in the NAB. I don't know how you think about the NAB or those additions, but nonetheless some of them are pretty much interesting:

Esther Chapter 11 (Mardochais Dream):

5 And this was his dream: Behold there were voices, and tumults, and thunders, and earthquakes, and a disturbance upon the earth [ = RAPTURE?]. 6 And behold two great dragons came forth ready to fight one against another. 7 And at their cry all nations were stirred up to fight against the nation of the just. 8 And that was a day of darkness and danger, of tribulation and distress, and great fear upon the earth. 9 And the nation of the just was troubled fearing their own evils, and was prepared for death. 10 And they cried to God: and as they were crying, a little fountain grew into a very great river, and abounded into many waters. 11 The light and the sun rose up, and the humble were exalted, and they devoured the glorious. 12 And when Mardochai had seen this, and arose out of his bed, he was thinking what God would do: and he kept it fixed in his mind, desirous to know what the dream should signify.

Also interesting: Daniel Chapter 13 and 14: (describes an interesting rapture-like experience happening to the Prophet Habacuc to help Daniel)

Just wanted to share that with you, maybe it is of interest to some of you?

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua