Josua (10 Aug 2011)
"To Christina: Are the Trumpets of Revelation fixing to start????"

Dear Christina

I'll try to answer your post:

It reminds me that I had the very same question about 1.5 years ago. I have spent countless hours since then to find the best answer. Obviously it is not that simple. I have found that there are different Views about where we currently are in Revelations.

View 1:
Everything happens in sequence and not in parallel. We are currently at the edge of the end of the "Church age". The "Church Age" is the timespan from Pentecost ~2000 years ago until the (first) Rapture which happens before the first Seal will be opened. The timespan of the Church Age is best described by the 7 letters to the 7 angels of the 7 churches at the beginning chapters of revelation. I can recommend the following article to study the Church Age:

According to that view, the Trumpets of Revelation will not start too soon. Raptured Christians will first of all witness the opening of the 7 Seals in the throne room of God.

This view is mainly based on understanding and studies of the scripture. It is independent of dreams and visions from others, as they are too subjective.

View 2:
Everything happens in sequence and not in parallel. Some Doves think (and have presented some strong arguments) that Obama is the antichrist. In that case, the tribulation has possibly started already without a rapture in 2008. This view is supported by Dr. Owuors visions about the first 4 seals that have been opened since then. It means that the next seal is the persecution of the saints (which maybe happens after the rapture?) and the 6th seal seems to be some kind of cosmic event (some people say its Elenin, but I doubt it).

According to that view, the Trumpets of Revelation could start soon after the cosmic event (6th seal) took place - maybe even sooner than we think?

View 3:
Some say the seals, trumpets and bows happen in parallel. That are interesting parallels but it makes much more sense to place them in a sequence or in a circle. I personally have given up this view. 

Other views:
There are all kind of other mixed views, but most of them can be debunked clearly by scripture.

When is the rapture?
Depending on your view, you will expect a Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, End-Trib Rapture, or 2 raptures or no rapture... ...I personally believe in a firstfruits rapture (at the beginning of the 7 years) and main harvest rapture (in the middle of the 7 years). The following article had a significant effect on my own understanding about the timing of the rapture (and my personal belief in View 1):

As you see, nobody can give you the ultimate answer. There are only different views based on different understanding of the scriptures and some are supported by visions of others. My recommendation is to read some books and articles and over and over again study the Bible yourself. FiveDoves is a good place to exchange your thoughts and get fresh input. In any case, being ready and watchful and telling others about our faith and the times we live in is of utmost importance! Maybe also want to check out my post "how to be ready":

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua