Josh List (8 Aug 2011)
"Rapture Dream!!"

Hello and Blessings to all Dove watchers!  I had a dream that I felt might bless you that occurred just a few nights ago.  It deals with a time just before the rapture and the actual rapture itself.  Now I must mention that the part dealing with the time just prior to the rapture is quite symbolic and uses typical dream imagery to speak.  The man Bill in this dream is my best friend and is my spiritual mentor and father.  Also of importance I feel is to tell you how rare these dreams are for me.  I have kept a dream journal for about 6 years and I don't think I've ever recorded one exactly like this.
 On the morning of August 5th 2011 I had this dream:
Wow, such a beautiful and powerful dream!  Matter of fact I went to bed at 1 O'clock or so and I awoke at about 4:30.  So anyway, in my dream I was in sort of in an open lot and many events had transpired throughout the night.  At this moment in the dream, in that lot, Bill was around there (as were other people scattered about) and there was a fish swimming along the ground because there were connected puddles along the surface of the ground.  The goldfish began swimming toward me and leaped out of the water as if to touch my hand.  I remember thinking how I wanted to hold out my hand as if to pet the fish.  He continued leaping and I remember thinking the water was starting to dry up and soon it wouldn't be able to swim anymore. I went and got the hose and began watering the grass so the puddles would again be larger and connected where he could continue swimming and living.  By this time, there arose a storm of sorts and rain began to fall as if to help me with the watering efforts, to which I then rested from watering.  Sensing the storm, I began to try and go inside, but instead I started running at a fast speed toward what seemed like the outskirts of a subdivision or community. I arrived at a building that had a very wide wooden porch roughly 1 ½  to 2 feet off of the ground. The sky was kind of orange and reddish in appearance in a way that resembled no other day.  I kept kind of hearing a sound that wasn't distinguishable in any manner, but sounded like rumbling.  It was more like what you'd hear if the scene were on a movie with a soundtrack, a dramatic sound.  I started to hear people yelling in a commotion outside and my opinion was that a bad storm was coming.  I felt in my spirit the question, where is Bill?  I needed to find him to get him out of the storm, so outside on the this broad porch I went and yelled his name.  The sound kept feeling more dramatic (I still hadn't a clue what it was) and I yelled out.  Where is the storm at?  Where is it at?  Thinking that a tornado was coming and we needed to get to the basement.  So I went to the edge of this porch and looked out at the sky in this vast open space.  The sky had been reddish in color, but somehow started looking like it does at twilight (bluish, but not quite dark blue).  Anyway, I heard that noise getting louder and I was still looking at the sky.  I felt in my spirit repent, repent, repent and be ready.  I began seeing ripples in the atmosphere, then I knew…My Messiah was coming!!  I prayed, oh Lord please forgive me, please forgive me.  The ripples were getting bigger and then unmistakably, I could see the form of a man.  He got larger and larger, until there He was in full view, in white raiment standing there in the sky ready to take His children home.  Wow!  The Lord had returned.  He had returned!  He was there to take everyone home, but yet His full attention was on me.  My heart leaped, I could hardly believe it, yet faith was needed for it no more, for He was ready and standing right there!.  What could be done, how would this play out?  Nothing mattered, except Him...for Christ had come.  I felt myself going up as I woke up! Yes!  Praise Yeshua!
Josh List