Jo Peckinpaugh (29 Aug 2011)
"To Iracema Reis RE SDA"

Hi Ira!  Hope we can actually meet someday.  I couldn't find the post of Paul's regarding SDA's,  but -- Ira, I used to be an elder in the SDA church, hosted a 2 hr talk show on 3ABN radio for the SDA church, did live tv (3ABN), traveled all over the country for the SDA church.... and just had to chime in on your note to Paul Wilson....NO, NO, NO.  SDA's do not believe in the rapture, SDA's believe in a prophet  (Ellen White) and many erroneously attribute more weight to her writings than to Christ; many precious friends of mine are still SDA, but once we really began studying ourselves and learning the fallacies of Ellen White, we knew we were in an apostate church.  Once we made the decision to leave, we were treated much as Jews are when they leave the faith....DEAD.  

SDA's ALSO strongly believe they have replaced Israel and will do thru the tribulation, etc etc.  They tend to be legalistic to a fault; actually there are many false doctrines; gotta admit though, that we really didn't start studying scripture for ourselves until we got in the SDA church.  So it was a great blessing in many ways.  AND, some of the folks in the SDA church are the most precious, dedicated and articulate people I've ever met!  

But Ira, there is MUCH that is non scriptural..... I'm female, and the fact that I was an elder isn't Biblical (1Timothy).  What's the big thing we agree on?  We absolutely believe God SAYS WHAT HE MEANS and MEANS WHAT HE we don't consider the fourth commandment a mere suggestion.  Yes, we worship on the sabbath and NO we're not Jewish, and SINCE we'll ALL be observing Tabernacles (Zech 14:16) and since we CLAIM we serve a Jewish savior who observed the sabbath when He was on this earth and will again when He returns to rule and reign! etc etc we believe that's a pretty safe stance to take.  Not that it's a salvation issue Ira, but it IS a 'blessing' issue, does that make sense?  SDA's also live their faith far more than any other group I've seen.  But the more we study, the more we see SO MUCH toxic doctrine in churches today!   So how do we observe the sabbath and NOT be SDA and NOT be Jewish?  We hold Bible study's on Friday evenings at sundown and REST and WORSHIP...

AH, enough of this!  have a blessed day Ira!!  Jo

Jo Peckinpaugh
Still Serving An Awesome God!