Jo Peckinpaugh (23 Aug 2011)
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Fellow Doves:  if you're not watching the Restoring Courage rally in Israel (Glenn Beck) you're missing out!  I've followed this website for quite awhile now, and rarely post..I'm very aware of many who think Glenn Beck isn't worth watching BECAUSE he's Mormon, and YES, Mormonism isn't Christian...but I can't think of a SINGLE CHRISTIAN who's informed and worked for Israel like Glenn Beck has; Because of that, we subscribed ($4.95 per month) --  Like everything, we listen and then, like the Bereans, test with scripture (Acts 17:11)....unfortunately, no CHRISTIAN has informed America about what's really happening across America and across the globe like Glenn Beck has done.  So we pray for his safety, for his soul, for his network to show what mainstream media refuses to show.  We all agree, time is short.  I know you'll be blessed if  you watch -- Jo