John RP (24 Aug 2011)
"Re: Paul Wilson - Star near moon"



  As of this morning (08/23) at about 6am the moon was almost exactly in the middle of Mars to the east (left), Jupiter to the west (right),  Capella to the north (above), and the constellation of Orion about the same distance south (below).  The fairly bright star closest to the moon this morning was Aldebaran, which is just a bit below and to the right of the moon.

  It is my understanding that Elenin is coming out of the Leo constellation, which is almost directly behind the sun at this time of year.

  For those who are interested, I highly recommend the Stellarium program, which allows you to see all of the stars all times of the year, (even when the sun is shinning, if you turn off light pollution - too bad you can't do that in real life).  You can also set light pollution in varying degrees so you can see which stars you would see from your location.  It's a very capable program and is free.  It's very user friendly, once you figure out that there are two menus in an L shape in the bottom left corner of the screen.  Pointing at them with the mouse causes them to pop up.
You can easily set the date/time to the exact time you were looking at the stars and then click on any object to see what it is, and how far away from earth it is.
(I don't believe Elenin is in it's default database, but can probably be added)


Paul Wilson
(23 Aug
"Seeing a New Star or is it Elenin?"

When I look out in the night I see a bright star on the side of the moon several moon lengths away from it (it depends on when I look as to exactly how far away to moon is) I have seen it 2-3 nights/early mornings now. There usually isn't a star there so I am wondering is it elenin??? Any thoughts?? It is not directly above me slightly south east of me but close to overhead. It is brighter than other stars I see and there really aren't that many to see where I am. When I lived a few miles from my current location (1.5-2 mi) there were plenty of stars but here hardly any but it makes noticing something new easier. I am in Missouri about the middle of USA to give you a reference point to figure where I would be seeing things verses where you are.