John NL (4 Aug 2011)
"Mercer - "Dow lost 265.87 points""

Dear Doves, Mercer,

This is remarkable indeed, but not a surprise to me. I follow the financial markets and the money god Mammon always claims its toll. Satan never gives anything for free. Wouldn't it be cynical if we would see the financial markets crash in the week of August 4, the 216th day of the year which is 6*6*6 and BHO's proclaimed birthday?

The entire world has been fooled and lied to by the folly of the US government and the FED with their reckless borrowing and money printing programs and their fake GDP-growth numbers over the past quarters. The pyramid game is about to crumble and the resulting chaos will result in turmoil, wars and a call for a 'World Leader' - a President of the World. It's just so amazing to see the prophesies of the Lord being fulfilled by our own eyes these days. May the Lord open the eyes of many of our loved ones and friends who still don't understand what times we live in. May the Lord bless you all exceedingly in these last days.

May the Lord come back very, very soon indeed.

John NL