John B (5 Aug 2011)
"Re: Re: Gerlinda, Charles Holler, Day---rapture dream----Tara Frasier"

Gerlinda-- Charles--Day,
After writing my response to you about Tara Frasier I had one more thought about her that I wanted to pursue. I was curious as to what her names might mean. I already knew that Tara meant earth but did not know the meaning of the word Frasier, so I did a word search and the first meaning that appeared in the answer box was "fool". So combining the names they turn out to be "earth fool". Again I was blown away by not only the dream but also now by the meaning of the name given to me in the dream.
I am sure from a spiritual point of view you can appreciate what an earth fool might be. One who worships the earth rather than God. One who doesn't acknowledge God as the creator of the universe but believes that we evolved from pond scum. One who is "of this world" and is so in love with it's treasures and trinkets that they have no time for God in their lives. One who has put all their faith and trust in the worldly systems. One who has no wisdom from the Lord who thinks they are wise when as the bible says they are fools.
Would it be wrong of me to characterize the ones left behind after the rapture (like the six unwise virgins without oil) as "earth fools"??
Is this dream somehow a warning for the earth fools out there to repent and seek the Lord?
I guess one could speculate and come up with many questions and comments about "earth fools".
Judging by the news of the day the earth fools around the world are distressed as they watch the world economic markets begin maybe their final collapse before chaos and anarchy set in.
I believe there will be some frantic days ahead but we are to fear not for the Lord will protect His own. Psalms 91
Take comfort and shelter in the Lord from the coming troubled times before the great trumpet blows to take us home.
  John B