John B (10 Aug 2011)
"Prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes----Isaiah 18---Soon Rapture---Steven Edel, Gerlinda"


I believe we are witnessing the fulfillment of Isaiah 18 now before our eyes. And other Doves this week have contributed to the completion of  making clear the puzzling verses that are found in Isaiah 18. Let me first display Isaiah 18 in it's totality and then go through it line by line in order to witness to it's NOW apparent prophetic completion. Also below is a link to a map of the area to help clarify even more the wording of Isaiah 18.


WOE to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia:

2 That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation scattered and peeled, to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have divided.

3 All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.

4 For so the Lord said unto me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat in sunshine, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.

5 For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.

6 They shall be left together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.

7  In that time shall the present be brought unto the Lord of hosts of a people scattered and peeled, and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the Lord of hosts, the mount Zion.


I believe God is giving us a time stamp in Isaiah 18 that when we see the aspects of Isaiah 18 take place the rapture of the church will soon follow. And the happenings spoken of in these verses are happening NOW. Let me go through the verses and explain.

In verses one Isaiah is talking about a land that is "Woe" in huge trouble. A land that is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. And a land that those rivers from Ethiopia divide. From the map link below  and last nights CBS news special report (link below) with Scott Pelley we see that Isaiah is talking about Somalia. A country that is in historic drought and historic turmoil resulting in the deaths of untold thousands of people. Another clue that proves it's Somalia is that it sends ambassadors by sea even in small vessels. The Somali pirates have used their small vessels to hijack large ships from all over the world and then use their so called "ambassadors" to negotiate a ransom to get the ships back.;cbsCarousel

 Link to map**http%3a//

In verse three we see that a banner was lifted up announcing something to the whole world. This was fulfilled very recently when a new Christian nation of Southern Sudan was created and their new flag (banner) was waved and displayed to the world. Steven Edel from Doves wrote of this last week.


These two events are "time markers" for us to witness to a point in time, so that we can be ready for what happens next. What happens next in verses four and five is the rapture of the church. God tells Isaiah " I will take my rest." In other words, I (God) have prepared a place for my church / bride as I promised and everything is ready for the end times scenario. Then God says I will look from My dwelling place. Could this dwelling place be the clouds of the air the bible speaks of when He comes to get His church / bride?? And when God looks down from His dwelling place in verse four He sees two things rising. "Like clear heat in sunshine" and "Like a cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest". Both of these phrases represent something rising and then disappearing. Just as in "the dead in Christ will rise first and then those of us in Christ that are alive together will meet Him in the clouds" and disappear from the planet.

God then re-describes His rapture intentions in verse five. He says "For before the harvest (great harvest at His second coming), when the bud (His bride) is perfect and the sour grape (Jews who haven't accepted Him yet, but will) are ripening in the flower, He will do two things, He will cut of the sprigs(his bride and all the young of the earth) with pruning hooks and take away (rapture them) and He will cut down the branches. I believe the branches represent those who have not accepted Christ at the time of the rapture. Note that one of the meanings of sprig is a young person or a person as the offspring or a stripling,  one who is passing into manhood. To me this is saying, one who hasn't come to the age of accountability yet. These youths will be taken as well in the rapture.

And what happens to these branches(people) that are left behind? Verse six says that the mountain birds of prey will summer on them and the beasts of the earth will winter on them. These descriptions of mountain birds of prey and beasts of the earth to me speak of all the varieties of fallen angels (which are many) that were described last week in a great link supplied by Gerlinda of Doves on Aug. 8th. I believe these left behind people will be at the mercy of a mixture of these demonic fallen beings described in the Gerlinda's link.

The last verse of Isaiah 18 speaks of the people of this country (Somalia) spoken of in verses one and two. It says that they will be scattered and peeled. What better description could you have for hundreds of thousands of people who have trekked for weeks to reach camps in Kenya to try to survive the horrors of Somalia. Those that make it arrive near death and are "peeled" by the hot sun literally baking the skin from them. And if you read that last verse clearly you will see that Isaiah considers these poorest of the poor, downtrodden Somalia children who are dying by the thousands daily to be a "present" to God. And I am sure these precious children are being welcomed by Him like only He can.

So to sum this all up, I believe that what we are seeing on the news concerning Somalia and Southern Sudan are definite time stamps by God giving us a heads up as to the soon coming resurrection of the "dead in Christ" and the rapture of the "living in Christ".  This to be followed by Satan's varied forces scourging the earth as per verse six.

I believe the assigned angel is now puckering and wetting his lips preparing to blow that rapture trumpet. And I say this because of God's words in Isaiah 18 and my witness to the present world events which have fulfilling these words.

Spread the good news, He is coming soon------John B