Joe M (10 Aug 2011)
"Any Financial Advisors Out There"

I've read the postings about prophecy, and the postings about money.  It seems to me that a huge earthquake is coming, possibly in the U.S.  Also, the stock market is troubled.  What I wanted to do is put my 401K money into my local bank.  I wanted to transfer it into an IRA.  When I tried, the holder of my 401K said I can't do it, that it's not a 'distributable event'.  I asked my local bank about this, and they said that's how it works.  So they couldn't help me.  My thinking is if it's in a IRA at my local bank, then I can liquify it if necessary in an emergency.  I can't tell if the 401K person is telling me the whole truth or not?  If anyone has knowledge about these things, please let me know.
Thanks, Joe