Joe Callaway (19 Aug 2011)
"Reply:Dru "A Must Watch Video""

I've stated before that I do not believe Elenin is a threat, it's just a comet. This man in the video predicted a massive quake for Aug 17, 2011. Obviously, this did not happen. His predictions that in September New Zealand will sink into the sea, and other catastrophies will also not pan out. A cosmic body such as Nibiru, with 4-5x the mass of Jupiter, with a gravity well to match. Will utterly devestate the earth, look at what Jupiter did to comet shoemaker, and what it's still doing to the moon Io. Io is a volcanic moon, suffering massive tetonic activity, and volcanic eruptions; on account of Jupiters massive gravity influence. So a body with 5x this power as close as it is now, would be causing massive, and catastrophic damage to the earth. Far far worse, than what we've witnessed so far. I am sure the man in the video means well, and I do not dount his zeal for God. However, he is not thinking this matter out enough. God Bless