Joe Chappell (5 Aug 2011)
"August 16th  additional info"

Dear Doves,
When I posted my question about the date August 16th, I hadn't read the letters for August 3rd.  Late last night, I had time to read the letters.
It seems that Rowina may have at least partially answered my question. Thanks Rowina.
August 16th this year is possibly Tu B' Av, depending on the moon ?
I would also add, that whenever I think of the August 16th date, I associate it with Kristallnacht.
Now I know , that Kristallnacht, ( Night of broken glass ) is the name given to November 8,9, 1938, when Nazi storm troopers and many others, smashed windows of businesses owned by Jews in Germany.
Why I link these two dates in my mind, is a mystery to me. One is November, and the other is August.  There must be some connection.
Blessings Doves,    joechappell