Joe Chappell (4 Aug 2011)
"August 16th"

Dear Doves,
I would like to pose a question.
For several years, the date August 16th has stuck in my mind.
I have tried to research it , and really find nothing of special note on that date in history.
Every year, as the date  approaches, I begin to wonder.
I have always felt it had something to do with Israel.
Recently, I have come to knowledge , ( thru ) that the celebration of Tu B' Av occurs around this time.  Thanks to all the Doves, for all the posts on this fascinating subject.
Does this August 16th , 2011 have a special meaning ?
This August 16th may come and go without incident, and I suppose I will go on wondering.
I wish I could get it off my mind, but every year, it starts again.
Watching, waiting, and trying to stay patient.........joechappell