Jimmy Lishman (24 Aug 2011)
"Doves, Hold tight to THE DREAM"

Do you realize how blessed we are because we know the end of the story? You may be in a difficult marriage, persecuted on the job, fighting illness, undergoing severe pressures financially, or weary of your flesh that rears its ugly head constantly. But we know one day it will all be solved. That's what John told his people. And that's what the Spirit would say to us. We who have been saved awhile take this for granted. But what if this was the first time you understood that everything that plagues you presently will be gone in a heartbeat; that you're going to heaven, where everything will be wonderful forever and ever?

"If any man has an ear, let him hear. Listen up," says Pastor John. "I don't care if you miss everything else, get this: The forces against you are soon going to be done away with: The beast, persecution, problems, will undo themselves."

That's why I need to read the Book of Revelation over and over again. It's not about deciphering the mark of the Beast. It's not written to help us figure out who the false prophet or Antichrist is. It's written to give us hope and to bring us back constantly to the fact that life is short and we'll be in heaven soon.

The person who doesn't understand the Book of Revelation will go through life in his own personal tribulation. The person who grabs hold of Revelation, on the other hand, will live in a state of anticipation and celebration. Every single one of us will either go through this week in tribulation or celebration.

Life is short. The Lord is in control. We're going to heaven. That's what this book is about.