Jim Bramlett (8 Aug 2011)
"Threat next month in the Middle East"

Dear friends:

Here is more evidence that September 2011 appears to be a major prophetic month:

From IsraelNationalNews.com:
No less than the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Palestinian Authority (PA) is making preparations to carry out wholesale bloodshed in September. At that time, the PA plans to ask the United Nations to officially recognize it as an independent country, and to grant it membership status within the international body.
The foreign minister said PA officials, despite claims of “non-violent action,” are instead preparing to flood checkpoints with tens of thousands of PA Arabs who might then force their way past IDF soldiers and into Israel's major cities.
“The Palestinian Authority is getting ready for bloodshed on a scale we haven't seen,” he warned. “The more they speak about non-violent action, the more they are preparing for bloodshed
This comes at about or near the time Israel and the U.S. will have to take some decisive action against Iran's nuclear threat, which could destroy or cripple both countries.   

It also comes at about the same time as many are predicting is a rare proximity to the earth and alignment of the comet (or whatever it is) Elenin on Rosh Hashanah. .