Jim Bramlett (27 Aug 2011)
"RE: Pat Robertson says there is no rapture only  second coming! (Diana)"


This has always been Pat's position, and I have personally known him for years. People have tried to persuade and enlighten him, to no avail.  He is  totally intransigent on the subject.  Why?  If he insists on Matthew 24 as his basis, what about verses 36-44. which clearly speak of the rapture "as in the days of Noah", as a deliverance of God's people from tribulation?

I have always believed that the root of his intransigence is a prophecy spokeN over him in the 1960s, I believe, that said he and CBN were called to usher in the coming of the Lord, and that they would provide worldwide TV coverage of the event.

To do that, he and CBN would have to survive about half the world's population being killed by Tribulation events, and resultant social and financial chaos.  They would also have to have TV facilities up and running in Jerusalem at the end of the Tribulation, after the Jews have fled to Petra, etc.  I do not believe that.

I believe this is a case of choosing to believe an erroneous, self-exalting personal prophecy, not discerning and comparing it with Scripture, and then by sowing doubt, robbing millions of the blessed hope.

When I worked for Pat, I was influenced by his views, but after I resigned in 1983 I began to study the Word for myself and I saw where he was wrong.

I believe Pat is brilliant and correct on most biblical subjects, but not on this one.