Jill Hart (18 Aug 2011)
"re standing alone"

While reading through the responses to Charles' message about standing
alone, which rings so true for me as well, a thought came to me about
Mary, the mother of our Lord.  She knew who her son was, though she
kept expecting Him to announce Himself and take the throne. How
difficult if must have been for her being human to watch her son, the
Son of God, being ridiculed and called a bastard.  She, who knew who
her son was, also had children who lived in unbelief.  Her other sons,
Jude, James, Joseph and Simon did not believe that Jesus was their
messiah until after the resurrection.

Just something to consider as we struggle with our humanity, seeing
and hearing the truth, yet feeling so incompetent to warn others.  The
Word says that the watchman must only warn, tell others the truth, not
convince them, to remove the curse of blood from his own head.  Their
blood is on their own head after they have been told.  There is an old
saying in the MLM world, it goes like this: some will, some won't, so
what, next. While that may sound cold, it is our job to throw the
seed, which is the word of God, another will water, another will
harvest..it is up to the Lord to bring the increase.

We all have loved ones, even children, that suffer in unbelief, though
it breaks our hearts, I think it breaks the Lords heart even more.
God loved the pharaoh too. God is perfect love. It is why He tarries
so long, putting up with the horrors we perpetrate on each other, He
is not will that any should perish, but some will.

Pray for the lost, heal the sick and warn all that the Lord draws
near, He is even at the door.