Jennie (17 Aug 2011)
"RE Gerry:"

I believe the Pre Tribulation is everything that happens before God's WRATH is poured out on the world.  I believe that we are in the Tribulation, but only in the VERY VERY BEGINNING.  Read my post tomorrow (If it get posted here?  It's under Attention Doves for the title)   We are in Revelation Chapt. 6 right now.  Some how, I don't know how something is going to cause pieces of meteors to rain down on earth.  I have seen this twice in my visions from the Lord.  Just for thought  (It might be possible that Comet Honda which is coming very close to the earth on the 18th time frame, might hit the moon, and cause pieces of the moon to fall to earth)  Now this is just a theory, we will know soon enough, but if this doesn't happen, the visions still hold true.  Jesus didn't show me HOW THE METEORS FALL, just that they do and they WILL.  The timing I got was within this year time frame.  I believe that we need to go home before Rosh Hanana because then Israel will turn into another year, but If God goes by May's time frame, then we have until May of 2012 for the latest????   (Israel became a state).  So, if you read Rev. Chapt 6,  the VERY LAST VERSE SAYS,  THE WRATH OF THE LORD HAS COME.  We are gone by then.  Chapt 7 is a QUICK SPIRITUAL SEAL OF THE 144 THOUSAND WHO WILL REPREACH THE GOSPAL, and the second half of Rev. Chapt 7 verse 9 is US!!!!!      Revelations is very simple to understand when we ask the Lord for WISDOM before we try to read it.  Ha Ha.  So, in my studies and opinion,  look out for falling meteors.  They are coming.  We will go just as they start to land on earth.  Everything will happen so quick, we won't even notice.
P.S.  Jesus promised to rescue us from the Great Tribulation.  What we are seeing right now is NOTHING compared to those being left behind.  Just for argument sake, it's really doesn't matter if we all agree or disagree on being in the Tribulation now or not,  Jesus is coming either way.    YSIC  Jennie