Jean Stepnoski (8 Aug 2011)
"Fast Day Begins 21 Days of Daniel: For Gerry Almond"

Dear Gerry and Doves,
      Might there will be a special 21 days before The Blessed Hope? In the 21 days of Daniel, according to Daniel 10, the text may give us an invaluable clues.  Verse 2 mentions that Daniel says he was "mourning" three weeks of days. The only Scriptural period for three weeks (21 days) of mourning  would be from Tammuz 17 to Av 9! It is customary to avoid meats or wine for members of the House of Israel during those 21 days! These are things which Daniel also avoids, according to verse 3. The 21 days begin with Daniel fasting so day 1 begins with a fast day! But we have a complication since month 1 day 24 are mentioned in verse 4. Is there a gap of time after the 21 days end and Daniel has his vision of the son of man?  Which calendar is being used?  A pagan and Babylonian one? The name Tammuz dates to the time of the exile to Babylon. Might month 1 and day 24  mean Tishri 24 of the new Civil Year beginning 21 days at Tishri 3?
      According to the prophet Zechariah, there are 4 significant fasts annually for the House of Israel, the 12 tribes, the seed of Isaac. From Tammuz 17 to Av 9 are 21 days which begin with a fast day. Av 9 is a fast day and extends this year to 8-8 to 9, which is the last day of  21 days away from the fast day of Tammuz 17. Av 9 is the only period of 21 days from fast day to fast day of the 4 fasts mentioned by Zechariah! The Last Day of these 21 will be Av 9 which will be day 3 going to day 4 of the Scriptural Week. It is the Last Day and the Third Day. If we count 21 days after Av 9 we are at 8-27 to 28, which is 3 days away from the starting of the month Elul, the month of Teshuvah, before the new Civil Year begins at Tishri 1. The fast of Yom Kippur is from Tishri 9 to 10, 10-7 to 8. A count of 21 days after that will be 10-27 to 28. The new Civil Year, for the counting of years begins as of Tishri 1, not Tishri 10. It is a Yom Kippur, Tishri 10, when the next Year of Jubilee would be declared. These are the timelines for the available periods of 21 days somehow linked to 3 of the 4 fast days celebrated in 2011. The fast of Tevet of month 10, day 10 will not take place until early in 2012.
      We can add 21 days to Tammuz 17, or Av 9, or Yom Kippur fast days. However, the only period set aside for "three weeks of days" as Daniel phrased it (21 days), by members of the House of Israel for mourning, avoiding meats, or wine would be from Tammuz 17 to Av 9! Will 8-8 to 9, Av 9, be momentous in 2011? We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,