Jean Stepnoski (29 Aug 2011)
"The Last Days in Av for Summer Weddings: 8-28 to 30, 2011"

Dear Doves,
      After the date of Av 9 ending at sundown there is a period of 21 days before Av 30/Elul 1. The last 2 days of Av,  Av 29-30, are The Last Days for Summer Weddings in Av for the House of Israel this year. On a day in Elul is 9-23 when Autumn begins. On Elul 1, the 40 day period of introspection and repentance begins until Yom Kippur on Tishri 10, 10-7 to 8 in 2011. The Days of Awe, Tishri 1-10, are typically days when members of The House of Israel do not marry. The days of Elul have themes which do not seem to be associated with weddings and honeymoons. The Messiah/Christ is a kosher Jewish rabbi. Does it seem that His wedding, The Wedding of the Ages, would be between Elul 1 and Yom Kippur this year during the great annual season of introspection, soul searching, somberness, and repentance? There are valid reasons to consider the possibility  for His wedding before these 40 days.
      There is The Last Day before Elul 1 begins. It would be from sundown on Av 29 to sundown on Av 30. This will conclude month 5 of The Spiritual Year. Five is the number associated with the Age of Grace, the current Dispensation. This year, The Last Day will be from 8-29 to 8-30. According to the days of The Scriptural Week, day 3 will be beginning for Israel. With Av 30 at sundown begins Elul 1. This is a date when the shofar begins to be blown during the days of Elul, with a few exceptions. Notably these would be the Sabbath/Shabbat days. Some begin to blow the trumpet (shofar) for days of Elul a full 30 days beginning at Av 30. When do we expect the trumpet (shofar) to be silent? On Av 29, this year on 8-28 to 29. What if the last trumpet will be the last clarion call of the trumpet (shofar) for the bringing in of the fullness of the gentiles engrafted onto the believers from The House of Israel on The Day of The Blessed Hope? The trumpet could sound on a day when it is not expected, it is assumed it would be silent! Of the days of Av, this date would be Av 29, or perhaps Av 30. The Master promises to come on a day few expect. Many expect Him with The Feast of Trumpets. How many consider the last days before Elul?
      It has been noted that the name Irene means peace. By 8-28 to 29, many will be saying that Irene has come and gone. The complications may be getting better or worsening in multiple states.. Many may be talking of renewed "peace and safety" all along the East coast of America. The last days of the last 21 days for SUMMER Weddings for those of The House of Israel, before the days of Elul, will be 8-28 to 30, in 2011. We shall see what happens. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,