Jean Stepnoski (25 Aug 2011)
"Themes of Division: A House Divided,  A Nation Divided"

Dear Doves,
      The earthquake on 8-23 in Virginia had an epicenter at Mineral, Virginia. The large city nearest to the 5.8 earthquake is Richmond, Virginia which was very significant in The Civil War which began about 150 years ago. The current capital of Virginia is Richmond and the capital for the Confederacy was also Richmond. Richmond and Washington DC  were the capital cities for the Confederacy and for the Union and both cities were affected by the earthquake. Great themes of The Civil War, between the North and the South, were A HOUSE DIVIDED and A NATION DIVIDED. One can draw a  line from where earthquakes happened on 8-23 from Virginia to Oklahoma to Colorado. Some people believe this is along the 37th Parallel. The line drawn creates a symbolic line of DIVISION separating the North from the South.
      Virginia was a border state, some individuals and families sided with the Union and some with the Confederacy.The State of Virginia was Symbolic of A House Divided and A Nation Divided. Along with the division of this nation from North and South is the Mississippi River and the New Madrid Fault to divide the nation from East and West. Two symbolic themes, 2 is the number for division, are evident this week for America,  A House Divided,  A Nation Divided. If greater division of the Land of the Covenant with Abraham occurs, the SPIRITUAL CAPITAL of JERUSALEM is divided, and the HOUSE OF ISRAEL is divided and the Covenant People are expelled from the Covenant Land, then the nations responsible will experience multiplied curses not blessings. No nation would be exempt, no matter how powerful or obscure. America this week is symbolically a House Divided and A Nation Divided. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,