Jean Stepnoski (10 Aug 2011)
"With Thanks For Kevin Heckle"

Dear Kevin and Doves,
      Thank you for your reply Kevin. I appreciate the postings you share with us. I do not think I came to a conclusion about the 21 days in Daniel 10. I have wondered about the possibilities. What time of year would they be? The details in verses 1-3 have parallels to the period of Tammuz 17 to Av 9. However the time in verse 4 relates to month 1 and day 24. I wondered if there was a gap of time between verses 1-3 and 4 or if it was the same period of time for verses 1-4. As you noted, month 1 and day 24 would be a choice of Nisan or Tishri. The details in Daniel 10: 1-3 do not have to be related to any of the 4 fast days mentioned by the prophet Zechariah. I wondered if they were, especially from Tammus 17 to Av 9. I appreciate your analysis about month 1 and day 24 relating to the month of Nisan. Daniel in captivity could indeed be mourning, eating no meat (flesh), or drinking wine for the reasons you have noted, during the month of Nisan.
      I will be eager to know more about the date of February 14, 2012. Thank you again, Kevin.
With Love and Shalom,