Jeanne (6 Aug 2011)
"To Frank R Molver re Zeus"

I don't recommend this book but I did read it.  "I Alex Cross" by Baldacci 2009.
The president is a woman and the bad guy is called Zeus.  When I finished the book I realized he was talking about Hillary and Bill.  The president's husband was Zeus.  He was extinguished in the end.
I kept putting that book down but I determined to finish it because I had a deadline from the library.  Thank goodness I didn't go out and buy it! I don't want it in my library.  So I decided it had a happy ending. ;-) And as I said before, I don't recommend it. It could give you bad, bad dreams. Today I have been reading Josephus along with the Bible. Once you get those years figured out he's not too far off.
I've been checking out those triple conjunctions of planets around the time of Jesus' birth and found Halley's Comet close by.  I was amazed.  The last time it came by was in 1986 and then they had a big party in ca. Sept 1987 in Babylon.  Would you believe this year 5771/2011 is actually 6018 AM?  That's my thinking today.
God bless, Jeanne