jdb (23 Aug 2011)
"Re: Nicole (22 Aug 2011)   Witnessing until the last minute under heavy opposition"


Amen sister!  Standing with you – we have to give it all we’ve got!


Praise God!


Thank you for who you are and what you do in Him and His Name!





Nicole (22 Aug 2011)
"Witnessing until the last minute under heavy opposition"

Everyone, please witness to people EVEN if the opposition is fierce, and no matter if you are going to lose your job or your spouse and lose everything.   This is no joke to witness to people.   The tribulation is going to be so horrific, that if you don't witness to people, then you really are not worthy of going in the rapture.   It is called selfishness.   I hate to be so harsh, but I have no bank account, no income, and am threatened to be thrown out of my house every week by my husband.     And I witness to those the Lord tells me to witness to.   No, I have not gone door to door, but I just will be obedient to WHO the Lord tells me to.  And I talk to my neighbors as there is a perfect opportunity.   Please, everyone pray about if there is anyone you need to talk to.   Maybe you are the one that needs to go door to door, or stand somewhere like the mall?   I don't know but be obedient.

Yesterday I went to meet up with my husband at his physical therapy after picking up my son from school.   And it was a good thing because I noticed that my car was empty on gasoline and I would not have made it home.   After the physical therapy was over, my son and I walked out to get into our car and there were three license plates together.....747, 316, and 105....which 747 is always the rapture flight to me, and 105 is being in the right place for the rapture (105 being the hotel room number Jesse Duplantis was raptured in 8/1988), and 316 standing for Jesus, the Messiah who will rapture us in John 3:16.

Well a little bird flew right over my car and I knew it was just a wonderful sign.   And what was cool about that is that when I pulled up to get gas at the pump, a hateful man in a truck decided he did not want to wait in line at the pump for his turn....so he tried to force me out of my spot.   So then my husband walked up from his car on his bum leg and with his very forceful godfather look, the man backed down.   It was a good thing because I had no gasoline and my car would not start!   Ha Ha!

So in the middle of the night last night the Lord allowed me to see what is coming for those left behind.  It was the ugliest evil alien demon looking thing.....it had teeth that were razor sharp and claws that were protruding like an eagle.  It had the body of an ugly tall alien and I just knew that the great deception was pretty much almost here.   I do not know when these things are going to start appearing, but for anyone who thinks that these so called aliens are coming in peace, THINK AGAIN!  

Anyways so then today I decide that my husband should go by his mother's house which is an hour away and just check to see if he has left anymore papers or things over there from the past.   She has been asking her adult children to get their things out of the garage that they have been using as a storage facility.   They had a huge garage sale last week in which I was able to witness to one of my husband's nieces but some of it was not sellable.  They said they would get everything out of the garage and send it to Goodwill, but instead of doing that they decided to go to the Sade concert in Los Angeles instead.  

And so while there I was given the opportunity to witness to her neighbor which is a Jew.   He was looking through his window talking and telling me that he was in Israel in 1967 and he is waiting for the Messiah.  I was able to talk to him about the mark of the beast, the global society, the rapture, Jesus, the tribulation, and the 2014/2015 tetrads as fast as I could.   As soon as I come in, my husband's mother keeps flipping the television station where they are talking about porn, sex, and other bad things in the presence of my son who is 8 years old.   When I say that we are going outside, she asks me why?   And I tell her because this stuff is inappropriate and it is trash.   Then she tells me, well how is he going to learn anything?   WOW!   The wicked people think that little children need to learn about filth so they can learn.  

So with this ridiculous conversation, I said that I was going outside.   You see that at my husband's mother's house, my son has seen very dark spirits sitting on top of her house.   And every time I go there I have a witnessing opportunity but the battle is very fierce in getting to that person, because these things hop off the roof and come for me and my son.   I know that I am protected by the Lord but there is still that struggle.   Right when we left her house, I saw several cars right in a row again heralding the rapture, Jesus, and God.   

Anyways as soon as I got into the car my husband got a spirit on him and started driving scary.   I have asked him since 2008 to not drive scary because I have these reactions due to a major car accident we were involved in and I scream.   My head was thrown into the concrete center divider of the freeway and it scares me really bad when he drives near the concrete wall, and when he drives fast around really sharp turns.   Anyways he started yelling at me, telling me I can leave and move, that he is going to send my dogs to the pound, that I am psycho.  

Just like my husband's family is off at the Sade concert, not taking care of the items in the garage and dealing with business.....it is a sad reflection of their spiritual nature that the Messiah is at the door of the rapture and they are more interested in playing around.   The stuff in the garage represents their sins that they are not dealing with and not bringing to the cross in repentance.   These people will be caught off guard by the rapture and thrown into the tribulation and will probably wake up.   Sad to say that they are not listening now to the words of the Lord, but I believe these people will have to go through VERY hard times in order to make it to Heaven.   I think that these type of people just like to have a good time and really don't want to believe that bad things will happen as they have lived in a very affluent area all their lives, in the same town, around the same people and everything has been the same.   They are caught up in shopping at the Pottery Barn, being seen in the right clothes, and having the right car.   I don't think this group is evil, just silly and deceived.

My husband's mother who thinks that it is OK to show children things of an adult nature are those people that have dirty minds, the very wicked who will probably take the mark of the beast.   They like the feeling of darkness and always embrace it.    My son said that he had a vision that she took the mark of the beast because there was an ad on the television for people to get their identity mark and they would come to you to sign up.   And it showed people who were sick, who were old all of a sudden they were healed and very beautiful.   But it was just a spell, a great deception to get as many people to take the mark as they could and the spell wore off and they became hideously ugly with sores all over their body.   And she called the people who issued the mark to come over because she has rheumatoid arthritis and she told them "anything" to get rid of this pain.  

And my husband who is always interfering with my witnessing, and not interested in the sermons that I am trying to get him to watch about Jesus return, well I believe that his reward will be to preach the gospel and study these sermons in the tribulation.    He will have to remember all the words I have told him so that he can relay it to others.

Keep going on!   These people that are mean to you are about to have the tribulation if they don't get it together!    Remember, most of the people you are witnessing to have had family lineages of paganism and generational curses upon them so their hearts are a lot harder.  Be prepared for intense warfare by prayer and fasting!