Jay (30 Aug 2011)
"Israel Installing 3rd Iron Dome System Next Week.!!!. Now they can protect 3 major cities!!!!"

From Jay - This is big news for Israel...This is big news..They have really been waiting for this 3rd missile system defense before going into Gaza again... This is big news for them...maybe they will start responding now to all the missiles knowing that they are much better protected

Now Israel will be able to protect 3 cities instead ot two..
“We plan to move the Iron Dome forward and within 10 days we will have a third battery which will be able to protect over Ashdod in addition to Ashkelon and Beersheba, if there is another escalation,” Barak said.

Maybe this is what they were waiting for before they respond to attacks.. There have been articles in the last couple weeks where the defense minister was saying that they were hoping to get another Iron Dome in place before going into Gaza... Time is close . . .