Janet Pfeifer (4 Aug 2011)
"Portends of the Rapture"

3August 2011


Dear John and all doves,


The real motivation of this letter is to inform you of the buzz on the Internet  of the portends of the possibility of the rapture very shortly.  Signs in the solar system1, signs in the zodiac2, signs from scripture3 and creditable people of the body of Christ having visions and words from the Lord4.  One cannot discount the present status of Israel and the repercussions of same, the monetary condition of the world and the abundance of daily earthquakes5


There have been many cracked pots saying somewhat the same thing, and maybe I will prove to be one of them.   But the snatching away of the righteous will come!  And I would rather be remembered as one motivated by love for your soul and spirit than my own self-esteem.  To quote John Hagee "Pray up (intercession for the unsaved to be saved) Pack up (listening for the shout and trumpet knowing Jesus is our righteousness) We are going up"


Enjoy Christ Forever,


Janet Pfeifer
2.  www.stellarium.org  a free planetarium download
3. Revelation 12:1-9 and  (possibly the heavenly sign of the Son of Man) in Mat 24:30
4. Jim Bramlett 8-1-11 www.fivedoves.com