Jana Miller (2 Aug 2011)

Dear John and Doves,
I am almost too excited to write!! First, I want to thank you John for this website...it is such a lifeline . I do not post too often but I read all of the posts everyday and pray for all of the prayer requests and for all of the Doves. I ,too, hope to see you all soon. I love you folks so much and share so many of your same feelings about the days we are in. I  am also the odd duck in my family. I completely understand those of you have been dismissed,insulted,ridiculed, and ignored by unbelievers in your family.   Me too. We can only pray.
I WANT TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE HERON CLUB! Yesterday,after reading Dale's post and thinking about the charming heron stories. I literally told  God that I wanted to see a heron,too.!!! Only problem...there are no heron's around here. The closest may be the eastern shore or some lake area.(I live in N. Va.close to Washington DC) I know it may seem childish to some...but the Lord has often used animals in communication with me,(RED FOX FLEECE) I just found myself thinking this. Then I felt I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and say OK. Well, I almost could not believe it, and I felt I must be just imagining this.. but the dialogue continued. I went outside. No heron. However,a crow was sitting on my porch!!! One day,two years ago ,a crow was on my porch and when I came out .. it had no fear of me. I fed it something and it behaved almost like a pet.I then wondered if it could be the same baby crow I had rescued  months before. The crow visits my porch once or twice a year. I had not seen him for awhile,but I am praying to see a heron, and it is like God is saying," I can do a crow, today. It is a bird." I know the Lord has a sense of humor!  So, I say to the Lord," No,I want to see a heron!"   I next think that I hear that before the day is over you will see a heron. The day went by and I looked outside  once in awhile,but no heron.   Our dinner plans with friends in VA. canceled but my husband decides we will still go out to dinner anyway, but in Bethesda,MD. The day is almost over but as he is driving I am looking for a heron. When we hit the interstate, I give up and forget about it, I was admiring the sunset  when we stopped at a traffic light,I happened to look over at the car in the next lane in front of us. It had a vanity plate with a bird on it...a heron! The heron is apparently a vanity plate for Maryland because of the bay, I know I did not see a real live heron,but God only said that before the day was over I would see a heron...He did not specify...  DOES THIS COUNT? I am still laughing, What fun we will have talking about all these things when we are finally home!!!