Jan (8 Aug 2011)
"To Frank Molver---(You just never know) Our bunny, Bethy, has gone Home"

Frank, and all Doves,

I had just yesterday sent (posted on Monday) a note of hope for you, Frank, that all of us who love our Lord, and also these little ones, will see them again....

Our 1 1/2 yr old Himalayan bun, Bethy (short for Bethany--all of our buns have Biblical names :) ) had been quiet and hadn't eaten Saturday, but we gave her simethecone and baby aspirin for her tummy, and had planned to take her to a bunny-savy vet this AM for fluids and a check------

This AM we came out to find our little girl silent and cold in the corner of her enclosure.  We are grieving her loss, especially since she was so young! 

But God doesn't promise a long life to any of us, and we are trying to accept the act that He----her Creator as well as ours--knows why.

So, Frank, we are reading again the very articles of comfort that we sent just yesterday to 5 Doves.  We praise our Lord for her sweet companionship and love, for the time we were given with Bethy----and for the hope of eternity with all of our little ones!

You know, there are those who would like a bigger mansion in heaven, and maybe little ones are not too important to them..... and that's OK, we know.....

But just give John and me a little ranch house or cabin, with a HUGE meadow and a forest beyond, where the grass looks alive with the waves caused by bunnies binkying (leaping with a twist, for joy)  We ask only that--when our assigned work for our Lord is done--that we may return to our little home filled with love....where bunnies and other prey animals will have fear no longer--just freedom, joy, and delight.

One last thing .... An evangelist who had recently come for a revival at our little church, had a word from the Lord for me ...He didn't do this for anyone else that night.... 
(Jack Van Impe had said this verse is the reason he and Rexella knew they'd see their kitty again---)
It was a verse I loved already:

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Lord, may I so delight in You, Pearl of great price!

In His great Love,  Jan in AZ