Jan (20 Aug 2011)
"To Rowena--re buns and NM"


Thanks for your note!  I tried to answer you 2 days ago, but for some reason it wouldn't let me hit that link, to read letters from that date!  :(

I love NM! I lived in Albuquerque for 13 years, until 1985, so am pretty familiar with NM. 
Taos is about as far north as we got--- except for trips through NM to Denver.

The cottontails you see are "western cottontails"--they look a lot like the eastern ones, except that their ears are longer --to enable them to stand the heat :)

We have seen very few this year---we had a record cold winter, and then the Monument Fire really changed their habitat! :(

Are the rains now called "monsoons" like ours? When I left there, the term was not yet used.  We're having mostly heavy rain foir a short period, instead of a steady light rain... it rains daily, but sometimes just misses us!

We have the film Watership Down, but my husband hates the part about the "black rabbit"--who comes when a little one dies.

ONE DAY---and SOON--we will see not only our Lord and our family who've gone ahead of us, but we believe that our little guys--who went Home all too soon--will be circling about our families' feet. 

The Lord knows us, and sees every tear that falls--if buns were called "GOOD!" by our Lord, at creation, then I think it's very likely that they--and all of our little guys--will be there.

I've asked the Lord for a llama or alpaca, donkey, horse (maybe my white one?) and more...'
will need a B-I-G "down" for them all! :)

There's a little poem I think you'll like, (author unknown)

My furs aren't in the closet or lying on the bed...
They're circling my feet, waiting to be fed

Thanks again for your note, Rowena...you blessed me so, SIL! 
Maybe we'll meet very soon!!!

In Him,
Jan in SE AZ