James S (30 Aug 2011)
"When they shall say peace and safety....."


Here is a letter I sent to my best friend of over 36 years, since we were sophomores in High Scool, who is just now waking up to what is happening prophetically in the world and the U. S. When I spoke to him yesterday, he was in Western Connecticut, several hours from his home in Binghamton, NY, where he had been called, over the weekend, to help restore power to the Danbury CT. area (he is a field engineer....electrical..... for New York State Electric and Gas) after hurricane Irene devastated much of New England and the northeast over the weekend. He is now beginning to see the correlation between our nation's involvement in the dividing of God's land and the "natural" (cough, cough) disasters that we are presently experiencing in the United States.

James S.


I'm sure I probably already told you this, but the big difference between that region of the country in 1811, and today, in 2011, is that in their infinite wisdom, the power companies have built 9 nuclear power facilities all along the New Madrid fault line over the past several decades. What is interesting, is that if we, the U. S., at the insistence and mandate of BHO, force Israel to divide Jerusalem, God's holy city, that if there was a similar magnitude quake as in 1811, that the U. S. could be literally divided at the New Madrid. The promise God makes in His word that ...:"whatever a man sows, so shall he reap..." also holds true for nations as well. If we, under the "leadership"  (gag, gag) of BHO are instrumental in dividing the City of David, giving half of Jerusalem, as their capitol, to the avowed enemies of Israel, the Palestinians, then we can expect some extremely severe consequences as a result to be levied against our country. They just said on the news, that the Roscoe, NY area was hit with a "500 year flood."
The name "Irene" means "peace".......Jesus said "when they say PEACE and safety, sudden destruction will come upon them." BHO's proposed "peace" deal is meant to appease the Palestinians by giving them East Jerusalem and the West Bank region...returning to the "1967 lines"   and guarantee peace to the Israelis in return for them forfeiting the land they've controlled since they were attacked in 67 and 73 by these same Palestinians that are demanding they be given back the land they lost as a result of their attacks on Israel.

"When you see these things begin to take place, look up for your redemption draweth  near"

Talk to ya,

Lynnette (29 Aug 2011)
"New Madrid fault area news"

After the Eastern states had the earthquake this past week, this outstanding article was written including info on the massive undertaking in the National Level Exercise 11  ( NLE 11 )  held in May with simulated earthquake disaster. It was held by the Federal gov't.


Here's a portion of the article.....National Level Exercise 11, or NLE 11, was, in essence, a replay of a disaster that happened 200 years earlier. On Dec. 16, 1811, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit the New Madrid fault line, which lies on the border region of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. It’s by far the largest earthquake ever to strike the United States east of the Rockies. Up to 129,000 square kilometers [50,000 square miles] were hit with “raised or sunken lands, fissures, sinks, sand blows, and large landslides,” according to the U.S. Geological Service. “Huge waves on the Mississippi River overwhelmed many boats and washed others high onto the shore. High banks caved and collapsed into the river; sand bars and points of islands gave way; whole islands disappeared.” People as far away as New York City were awakened by the shaking.

Thanks, Lynnette