James R (8 Aug 2011)
" re:prayer request updat"

To Robert Belanger and ALL DOVES/update on 15 month old child. Thank each and every one of you for your thoughtfullness and prayers. the HOLY GHOST touched my heart tremendously when I read of Robert Belangers call to prayer on August 2nd for the different prayer requests including the little 15 month old child who hit her head and her distraught mother that I sent in prayer request for that I heard the prayer request in my Church last Sun. July 31st. My pastor told me today aug.6th that the child passed away, GOD healed the child by taking it home to be with HIM! The boyfriend it turned out, who turned himself in to authorities had allegedly caused the damage. Please continue to pray for the mother and the families and that GOD will use all this for HIS honor and glory! I pray that some lost folk will be saved through this tragedy. I have been taught Romans 8:28 in a storm in my life recently. GOD always knows whats best for each of us in every situation. You can always trust HIM!  I dont know at this time if the mother is saved or not. James R.