Jacob (25 Aug 2011)
"No green bananas"

(To John Tng)
Hi John, I hope this email reaches you and doesnt get lost somewhere in cyberspace. I recently came across your fascinationg website 'five doves'. .
As we all know there are many claiming to have 'dream-visions' of the future. However, I have come across just ONE case of an individual who is a christian And who has had a history of having dream visions come true - since the age of 12.  It's one thing to have a dream/vision of the future which may or may not be from the Holy Spirit. .it's quite ANOTHER matter altogether to have dream-visions that have ALREADY  come true and THEN to be given a dream-vision warning of the soon return of Christ. It's like comparing a paper plane to the space shuttle. .(no offence to the people who have posted their visions on your website!). This RARE case of a christian individual who has had dream-visions already come true can be found in the online book 'No green bananas'. Of course it is entirely possible you have already come across 'No green bananas'. I havent read everything on your website and you may have mentioned this online book. But just in case you havent. .please read 'No green bananas'. .
Jacob (A believer living in London)
Thanks, Jacob.
Welcome to the Doves!