Iracema Reis (30 Aug 2011)
"To Jo Peckinpaugh: RE: To Iracema Reis RE SDA"

Hi Jo!
Thank you so much for correcting me! Now I'm soooooo glad Paul Wilson probably never even read my post! LOL!
I'm Brazilian but I've been in Canada (Toronto) for 22 years now and it was here that I was saved. However, a few years back, my mother and I had to go back to Brazil for a short while but ended up staying there for a whole year. When we started looking for a Church some friends of ours invited us to theirs (SDA), saying that they believed the same things we did. As we didn't know anything about them, except that they were Christians, we accepted the invitation. We only went a few times and, coincidentally, on one of those evenings the Pastor talked briefly about the Rapture. The difference was that they were post-tribulationists.
But you are right - it's true that they talked about Ellen White much more than they did about Jesus, and that's what put us off and kept us from going back...
They were very nice, friendly people (they really welcomed us with sincere open arms) and, as you said, they looked very dedicated to their Church and faithful to their beliefs... What I was told, then, was that we are saved by the grace of God, but that we are expected, as followers of Jesus, to model our behavior after His.
Then, about a month ago I was looking for a Christian program on TV and found this  "Amazing Facts" with Pastor Doug Bachelor. And he was saying exactly the same thing - and he is SDA!!!!! There is another SDA Pastor,Don Carpenter, that also preaches the Rapture ( Could it be a different branch of the Church??!!!
Oh, well... serves me right! I can most certainly defend my beliefs as a born-gain Christian but I should be more careful when it comes to other faiths... Looks like I can't believe completely when I'm told their beliefs are the same as mine... 
Thank you SO much for answering my post and clarifying that. That's the first time I get a reply from the Doves!!!!
I sure hope we can meet someday and I tuly believe we will!
Thank you for your kindness...